Sometimes I stop during my day and think, 

Did we really get on a plane during Storm Jonas (the last flight out of DC before it shut down for the weekend), travel 10,000+ miles to go a city we had never been, trust in people we had never met to bring us our daughter, and live with her in this foreign city for a month? 

Then the other part of me shouts:


We did all that & our lives are forever changed in the best way possible. 

It's been four months since we brought Eden home. Four months of transitions, first moments, and learning all about mommyhood with a cute six year old. She has brought us so much joy, laughter, and so many memories to our new family of four. (Russ counts, yall.) 

I have lived long enough to know that most things don't last forever and we are all just in a temporary season moving from one to another. Seasons change but with each season is a strength and a trial. I want to remember every little thing Eden is into right now - things that drive me crazy and the things that make me melt (which happens quite frequently). Here is what we know about Eden girl for the four months she has been home with us. 

Eden's Favorites: 


  • Spaghetti
  • Raisin Bran
  • Sticky Rice
  • Eggs
  • Tuna
  • French Toast
  • Chicken
  •  Jasmine Rice

Restaurants: Thai 99, Panda Express, Chipotle & Mr. Goodys

Dislikes: cheese, potates


  •  Sprite
  •  Water
  • chocolate milk
  • apple juice

Dislikes: Orange Juice

What's She's listening to: 

  • King of my Heart by Bethel
  •  Barbie Soundtrack
  • Good, Good Father by Chris Tomlin
  •  The Little Mermaid Soundtrack (#1 FAVORITE)
  • Held by Casting Crowns 
  •  Frozen Soundtrack
  •  The VBS soundtrack (Ocean Commotion) 
  • Shake it Off by T.Swift 

What's she's Watching:

  • The Little Mermaid (#1 favorite!) 
  • Snow White
  • Barbie: The Secret Door
  • Frozen 
  • Jake, the Pirate
  • Sophia the First

What's She playing With 

  • Barbies
  • Molly, her American Girl doll 
  • ANY craft she can make\get her hands on 
  • Paints everyday 
  • Has a dance break every midafternoon usually on the front lawn while the neighbors watch on (she likes an audience). 
  • Dress Up (every day a new princess, fairy, or mermaid

Favorite Things

  • COLOR: Pink & Yellow
  • ANIMAL: Unicorn & Elephant
  • Obsessions: Princesses, Mermaids, Crowns\Tiaras, Dresses, & Finding Treasure 
  • Books: God loves you little Lamb, Lottie Paris, Mermaid Stories, Bear Snores On

Cute Little Phrases:

  • "Mom, why you do that?" 
  • "Huh? I can't hear you." 
  • "I love me some home." (Everytime we pull in the driveway)
  • "I don't think so." 
  • "You and me are gonna be together forever, right mom?" 
  • "This is gonna be really, really special."
  • "Close your eyes." **when she gives you anything from a present to a Kleenex.**
  • Eden LOVES (Prounced LUUVVV) __________. 
  • "Oh, that's my favorite." 
  • "Can I have me some ______. (Equivalent to: May I have ____) 
  • I love you as big as Thailand. (Or Germany or The Sky)
  • "YOU THE BEST." (Anytime she gets her way...aka... candy, staying up later than usual.) 


  • sleeps in mom & dad's bed

  • scared of the dark 
  • dresses up everyday as a princess\mermaid\fairy 
  • wears lipstick before going out the door 
  • wants to find a pair of high heels in her size 

Words to Describe E: 

  • Leader
  • Story Teller
  • Miss Personality: extrovert
  • Performer 
  • Smart
  • Funny 
  • Articulate 
  • Generous
  • Loving  
  • Cuddler
  • Energetic 
  • Affirming 
  • Caring
  • Sensitive 
  • Loyal 

Started to: 

  • Go to Children's Church 
  • Swim! 
  • Beginning stages of reading
  • write\say her English & Thai numbers 1-100


  • Skips wherever she is going (check out my IG video for a cute example) 
  • Sings 24\7
  • friends mean THE WORLD to her
  • loves headphones in her ears while dancing
  • is the girlest of girly girls yet hates wearing shoes

Four months ago, our lives changed so drastically from having no kids in our home to now a home of a family of four. Here's to four months and forever to go. 


Eden Wendland, we love you more than you will ever know. 

Xoxo, Mommy