All photos by my talented husband, Isaac Wendland (@isaacwendland)

All photos by my talented husband, Isaac Wendland (@isaacwendland)

My husband and I were able to stay close to 3 weeks in two different parts of Thailand (southern and eastern regions). We spent majority of our time in Bangkok at the Pantip Suites. We enjoyed our stay there immensely and little Miss charmed all the workers and we were at the pool two times a day with no hesitation. Also, their Pad Thai at the Pantip Restaurant was the best we found in Ike's search. Eden approved, too. 

Dusit Zoo Hippo taken by Ike

Dusit Zoo Hippo taken by Ike

While we were there bonding as a family with one active little six year old, it was our quest to find the best kid places that Bangkok had to offer for our family. Ones that did not hurt our budget and that Eden truly enjoyed. We went to some that we did not find as enjoyable that did miss our list. For example, we spent a day at the Dusit Zoo but went on the hottest day we were there and we were all hot and exhausted. Eden loved the animals but the heat kind of took the animal ecstasy away. I would say to go though, but it did not make the list here due to Eden's response. The list I am going to form is based on our opinions of overall great for the price, the environment, and Eden's favorites. Some on the list, we went to more than once due to Eden's love. 

I hope this list helps those looking for kid friendly things to do in Thailand or for my adoptive friends who will be in country and can try them out for themselves. 

Kid Friendly & Affordable Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand



Price: 250 -320 baht depending on size of child

By far, Eden's favorite place to go and we went a total of three times! She loved the different activities - roller skating in the morning, biking & scooters in the afternoon, & the art room upstairs where she made her own decorative sand candle. They have a theater stage where she performed "Let it Go" and a rock climbing wall she climbed to ring the bell. It is great for parents too as many workers are helpful in watching the kids and they even have a place for massages for parents (sadly, we didn't do that!) They have a fully equipped snack shop with great food and very kind workers. We spent three afternoons here and Eden loved each one. 

Note: They have a small play area for infant & toddlers as well. 

Snow Town


Price: 250 - 320 Baht depending on size of child


There is no question that my daughter loves snow (Thanks, Queen Elsa!) So when all she could talk about for days was snow and the fact that she has never seen any before, my husband tried to find a place for her to experience snow firsthand. He found Snow Town. Eden was in snow heaven! They have a place for the kids to sled, go inside igloos, and Eden's personal favorite - dress up like a princess and take your pictures for free! The only downside? They didn't play the Frozen Soundtrack and Eden was wondering if they had any taste in music. 

Imaginia Playland


Price: 100-200 baht

Imaginia is the place where kids meet technology with play. We colored a car on the IPad while it transformed a concrete car before our eyes, we made our own mix tape while starring at a picture of Ice Cube, & built an elephant out of odd shaped building blocks. They also have a playground, a big slide (Eden's favorite), and a giant net she climbed to walk on (sorry for my lack of words!) 

But, our families favorite area? Transform into an Animal Center. 

The place where you take a silly photo and the computer puts it on the big screen for all the people to see. We spent probably 30 minutes laughing and transforming into animals for our own enjoyment. Eden loved seeing her picture on the big screen. 

Siam Ocean World 


Price: WORTH IT! 

My favorite thing we did while in Bangkok was go to the Siam Ocean World. It was worth every penny we spent! We watched sharks being fed, penguins dancing, & the best part? It was inside where the temperature was kind. ;) Anyone who has been to Thailand understands the heat and humidity. 

We ate lunch at a small cafe and Eden experienced her first coke because a girl's gotta live a little. Eden was amazed at all the different types of fish and "Ohhh & AWWW!" over each one. Ike and I still talk about this day and always say, "This place was our favorite memory!" 

Hope this makes you want to visit Thailand and experience some amazing things that they have to offer for kids and families alike. I know I am missing many so if you have been in Bangkok and want to add more to the list, comment below. :)