It's dark outside. The lights flicker lightly in my living room as her freshly read Dr. Seuss book stares at me in the faint light. 

She is sleeping in my bed with her daddy. Her arm swung around him like a twisted pull and peel licorice. They both are out like the light above them sleeping peacefully and here I stand looking over them with a smile that makes hot tears run down from my exhausted eyes. She is home. 

I tiptoe in the dark to look at her face - the face I had been praying for for almost five years. She's finally homeWe travelled around the world to get her. We didn't sleep for nights due to excitement and fear. We prepared her room and bought every coloring book in the Target aisle because they told us she loved to color (turns out coloring books aren't her thing). 

I have kissed her lips too many times to count and told her she better get used to it because mama's lips aren't going anywhere. Stuck like glue, baby. 

She's home.

Did we think our daughter would actually be here after the years of waiting? People told me spring would come, but sometimes when winter is long, you forget the promise of daisies. Yet, my forgetfulness does not derail His faithfulness.  

When I look back on the winter season of my life, I do not see the cold, but I see a loving Father preparing a daughter's heart, a new mommy learning to pray and give her daughter to the Lord daily, a new daddy taking the lead and fighting for his family. I see an army of people gathering together to lift our family in prayer and for my heart to heal and learn the power and beauty of the church. I see a mommy and daddy who will go to the ends of the world for their daughter and bring her to a family. I see lonely nights that lead to moments of clarity about who He was in these new places I found myself in and I found out the cold couldn't hurt me because I was with Him following His plan. 


Those winter months only prepared me to be grateful for the sun that shines in this new season and shows me He was in control at all times and even in my weakness & forgetfulness, He was found faithful. 


Now every daisy I pick, I know it was from years of preparation of His doings. So here's to picking daisies and realizing He is God even over the winter seasons. 


all my love, 


Eden's Mommy