they never told me that one day I would be looking at my kids and realize that I hardly ever notice that their skin is different than mine. I love them just as they are, like they are my own flesh and blood.  


they never told me that parenting would be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the absolutely most refining and the thing that brings me the most joy! 


they never told me that I would love someone so deeply and fully, and I totally forget that I didn’t carry them or give birth to them.  my whole perception of “family” has changed.  it’s not just blood and I know that more than ever now.  


they never told me that the whole process would [eventually] bring me so much closer to our own families of origin.  whether that family member agreed or didn’t agree with our decision to adopt initially, I never could have imagined the bonding that occurred as a entire family unit once we were all together in Texas. 


they never told me that our precious Ethiopians would bring together an entire community and shine a light on adoption.  they never told me that all these years later, I can look back at the people that walked that season with us [the hard + the good] and know those people will be a part of our families story forever.  what a blessing! 


they never told me that I would be connected to women all across the country [and world really!] because of adoption.  this big ole “club” that we are in has bonded us and I never expected to find friendship and community on the journey to bringing the kids home. 


they never told me that I would understand Gods love and rescue of ME, HIS DAUGHTER, in a way I’ve never known.  adoption is a beautiful picture of THE GOSPEL and such an overflow from the love we’ve received by our heavenly father while we were once orphans.  


Adoption is messy, hard, redemptive, beautiful, refining, and the clearest picture of the gospel on earth that I’ve expierenced.  There are so many things I didn’t know, and part of me is laughing now looking back thankful that I didn’t know it all before I started.  God has a higher vantage point that us, His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.  What a joy + honor to be chosen by him to be my children’s mother.