This week has been one filled with good news in the Wendland household. On Wednesday, we came home to seeing our dossier had been authenticated by the State, Federal, and Thai Embassy which means now we are waiting on 1st approval (travel dates) from the Thai government. My husband got my reaction on video to the news and to say we were excited is an understatement. It was an AMAZING feeling to have that done and see how things are moving in the right direction. 

Then on Friday during my lunch break at work, my husband called me. 

First let me say that we have been waiting for Eden's new progress report (pictures, updates, and her thoughts on finding out she received a forever family) for two months now so I stopped trying to think about it.

But, then I heard his words, "Lib...I saw the most beautiful little girl's picture today." 

I screamed, "SHUT UP!" I ran to my computer to open my personal e-mail and sure enough there she was in all her glory:: My Eden. My spirited, beautiful Eden. 

If pictures spoke it would say Eden is: BEAUTIFUL, SPIRITED, STRONG, SMART, HILARIOUS, BRAVE, KIND, LOVING, TRUSTING... the list could go on for hours (beware:new mom here).

But, I will never forget when I saw her little 35 pound self riding a two-wheel adult bicycle like a champ.  She is strong, bold, brave. All the things a little girl should be. 

I saw how she opened our gifts and saw our pictures for the first time. Her face half smiling and half wondering what we were like. It brought me to tears and I thought, you can trust us, baby. 

I have heard a lot of well-intentional people say to me: "She is so lucky, Libby, to have you and Isaac as her parents." 

I smile and give my gratitude, but I wonder if they even know how in all reality:  we are the lucky ones. 

We were "never" supposed to have children, "never" supposed to be parents, and here we are about to wrap our arms around a child that I feel so honored to love. A daughter I cannot even believe God would grant me to mother.

We walked through many nights wondering, doubting, and even questioning what God had in store, but then God took the pen of our horror story and wrote a fairy tale we could not even have dreamed would be so good. 

God can take the pen from anyone or anything and write the most beautiful redemptive story. In this season, I have seen and experienced first hand that He is our Redeemer. 

Eden shows that. I wondered if He was good for many nights, but now I not only know He is good, I know He is kind. She shows me His glory, His heart. She shows me that sometimes our prayers are being answered behind closed doors even when we are unaware. 

So, tonight I lay down next to a man that I have loved for a decade and I will hold him tight and think to myself: we are the lucky ones. 

Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. 

Your plan is so much higher than our own. 

And if you wonder how lucky we are... please look at the beautiful drawing our newly five year old daughter drew for us (under Isaac it says "Father" in Thai). A family of three. He is our Redeemer and He is so good.