The NEWS is out. 

We were matched with our beautiful four year old daughter, Eden. 

We first laid eyes on her in October and it was love at first sight. I wish I could sit down with each of you, my friends, and pour some hot coffee into over-sized large mugs and share the story of the day we saw her. Many things cannot be said yet and no pictures can be posted, but for now just know... 

-She is the prettiest girl  in the whole wide world.

-She is perfect in every way. 

-She was born on Christmas Day & will forever be known as our greatest gift. 

-She was officially matched with us the day Uncle Noah & Auntie Jen found out they were having a GIRL (Nov 6) and my heart exploded knowing two Wendland girls would be entering our lives. (Wendland girls are taking over and they are going to be strong women like their mamas. Get ready, world! )

-We signed for our match on my 26th birthday. (See... I told you, my greatest gift)..

-We are so honored, humbled, and thankful God wrote our story in this way and truly are learning "He does things above and beyond anything we could imagine, plan, or dream". 

I want to share with you the letter that I wrote with her the day we first received her information and picture. So, here for our first post about Eden is a letter from my heart to hers. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We love each of you. 

-Eden's Mommy & Daddy


October 24, 2014

Dear Eden,

I saw your face today.  Oh, what a beautiful face. I dreamed of it and now in my kitchen hanging proudly on the white refrigerator, there you are, already adding life and love. The picture hangs a little crooked with your small darling hand pressed against your squishy face. It fits so perfectly hanging there like all along this is how it was always supposed to be.

 I keep saying over and over “my daughter”. It is hard not to think about you and know that you are on the other side of the world, but soon you will be part of our little world and what a sweet collision that will be.

I smiled when I saw the picture of you and how you put a toy in front of your petite face to not be seen. I know that spunk. Your Mama coined that. I laughed when the social worker told us that you were “spirited”. I recognize that too. You and I already understand each other in ways many cannot.

Baby girl, what great words to be called: spirited and strong. I pray you never waver on those Godly traits. Our culture longs for us – as women – to be hushed, silenced, or just represent all things “pretty and petty”. I pray you desire to be wise more than known as beautiful. Beauty is fleeting, but brains… oh, baby, those will take you a long way. They told me you are very bright. You know the entire Thai alphabet and love your school and teachers. I have never been more proud than when they told me that.

Yet, we couldn’t help but see that you were absolutely stunning with your deep set chocolate brown eyes. They remind me of your Amma’s eyes – dark & deep. She showed me how to see the world as lovely and not so dark and scary like everyone else believed it to be. I pray those dark brown eyes never shut out the life, love, and beauty that are around them and to be open to people no matter the division.

I saw the loss in your story too. I cried for a while when they told me, but smiled and knew you are a strong one. That trait reminds me of your daddy – unwavering, sure. Daddy is like that – unmoving- and he has brought me back to the Rock time and time again. Your strength reminds me of him. Your daddy is very special. You will see his kindness and gentleness as his biggest strength. Many see that as a sign of weakness, but wise men know it to be the source of true strength. I am so happy that you get him as your Daddy. I will make many mistakes, but Daddy always seems to make up for them and rescues Mommy frequently. That is what good daddies do – make mommies look better than what they are.

They say you love books. I can’t wait to share my favorite stories and we can get lost in the mountain of books I have read as a young girl. They hold a little part of me and I have learned books are some of life’s best friends and teachers. When you read a book, you become someone else and learn how it truly is to walk in their shoes and live. I believe maybe someday someone will write a book about you.

I hope it reads that you knew from the moment you were born – you were loved. Maybe it will speak of your mommy and daddy, who fought for you, cried for you, prayed for you, and flew half way across the world just for you. Maybe it will share the insights of two lovers who longed to have a little girl to call their own and would do anything for her. Eden, I am telling you it is an outrageous love and I pray love bleeds through those pages. A love that could only be explained as eternal. 

I hope it reads that you know how special you are, my cherished daughter. God handpicked you to be ours. There is nothing random about it. You, Daddy, and I were always meant to be and He knew even before we ever laid eyes on each other. He is the Master Storyteller and I am so honored to be a part of His story for your precious life. One of the greatest titles I will ever carry is your mommy, Eden. You will always be a part of who I am in the deepest way – a mother. I am humbled He chose me to be your mommy, forever humbled.  

Lastly, I hope it is filled with dreams and hopes bigger than you for His purpose. Your talents, interests, skills are not accidental, but part of your calling and passion divinely given by a wise Savior. Daddy and I cannot wait to see your interests and dreams to walk alongside you and help you in any way we can to get you where you need to be. You will fall sometimes, but I hope you always know we will be right there to help you get back up and become stronger.

There is so much we long to do, but I know you will teach us more than we could ever teach you. You have already taught Mommy and Daddy more than any other soul. One day, I hope to share it with you, but for today, I just want you to know.

You are loved immensely.

You are prayed for daily.

You were always wanted, desired, and cherished.

And Eden, there wasn't a day in your existence that the Creator of your life didn't think of you and fight for you and now He has handed you to me and your Daddy. Oh, what a beautiful story this Master Storyteller is writing and I am so honored to be part of it. 

I love you Forever, 

Your Mommy